5 unique ways to decorate your home

Decorating homes can be one of the most favorite things to do. It not only kills the boredom but it also de-clutters the entire home making it look neat and tidy. Mentioned below are the top 5 unique ideas to decorate your home and make it look beautiful.

  • Try crayon art on the wall

All you need are some old crayons and a candle. This art can light up the wall of your children room easily and can make them excited. Tie different colored crayons using a fastening thread or a rubber band and hold them on the wall. Pass heat evenly to melt the crayons. The melted crayons flows on the wall making it look artistic. You can then stick a monochrome poster of your choice beneath the crayon rain to make it look beautiful.

  • Light candles

Candles can quickly help you lighten up the dull environment. Buy different kinds of candles and place them according to your choice. Turn off all the lights after lighting up all the candles. You can also scented candles to make it more pleasant.

  • Try an abstract art

A lot of people these days have moved away from decorating their homes with traditional art pieces.  They are replacing the traditional art pieces with either modern or abstract art. These can quickly make your homes look extremely beautiful.

  • Become an artist

If you want to unleash the artist in you, try to paint the walls all by yourselves. You can try simple paintings or even follow the tracing methods and later fill them up with vibrant colors of your choice.

  • Chandeliers

If you have a quite spacious living room then using chandeliers can make your home look like a palace. Buy those chandeliers and transform your homes into mansions instantly.